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About The Artist


Melissa Mastrangelo

Artist based in South Florida

Melissa is originally from Upstate NY, but has found her true home here in South Florida. She graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, and has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her work has been displayed at multiple local galleries and cafes, including mural work at local breweries/ restaurants/ homes/ pool areas. You can also find her seaturtles on the traffic box of Olive and Clematis

Her love and passion for nature, especially the sea, is heavily reflected in her work. Her paintings mainly depict colorful sea creatures, waves, and tropical landscapes. Melissa is an avid scuba diver and paddleboarder, further adding inspiration from the natural beauty all around here. She prefers a more stylistic approach to painting, working off of photographs but adding her own personal touch. Use of vibrant colors and different textures (splatter/ use of palette knife) is what makes her work unique. Her favorite medium is acrylic paint, but she also enjoys drawing with ink pens and watercoloring, which is how her zentangle creations are born.


Melissa also runs a “Paint and Sip” company, Mobile Masterpieces, in which she teaches acrylic on canvas. So to keep things interesting, she  loves to paint on recycled guitars, decks, and boards as well. Most recently she has begun a Porthole series on used vinyl records, with 3D printed frames made by 3D artist Imer Diaz.

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